Should I tip my driver in Crete taxis and airport transfers?

  • August 4, 2022
  • 5 minutes
Taxi drivers and tipping in Crete

Among the most common ways to travel around Crete is taking a taxi or airport transfers. And of course, when you’re happy with the service your taxi driver in Crete shows, tipping can be a good way to thank them. However, one concern many travelers have is whether or not it’s required to tip their drivers and if so, how much should it be.

Fortunately, you’ll find everything you need to know about tipping taxi drivers in Crete below as well as other useful information when it comes to tipping on the island.

Is tipping your taxi driver in Crete mandatory?

Tipping in Crete, particularly taxi drivers, is not mandatory. Unlike in the USA where tips are customary, in Crete, taxi drivers don’t often expect to be given tips since the local tip culture on the island isn’t that strong.

Tipping in restaurants is more common than tipping taxi drivers. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t tip your driver. If you’re happy with the service they’ve shown, you can give them a tip to show how thankful you are for their hospitality.

How much should you tip your taxi driver?

If you do decide to tip your taxi driver, it’s good to know how much you should give so you don’t go too overboard and end up tipping more than you should.

However, the answer to your question really depends on your preference. Some people will add in 10% of their total fare, while others just add 5%. If say your total bill is 50 EUR, you can give your driver 2.5 or 5 EUR, depending on how happy you are with their services.

It’s always good to tip your driver especially if you can see how hard they worked to ensure you got to your destination safely and swiftly. You can just add in a fee EUROS on top of the bill and your driver will be more than happy with the gesture.

As such, knowing when to tip your driver is important.

In which case you should tip your taxi driver?

Crete is quite known for its locals’ hospitality and this is particularly seen from many taxi drivers. Taxi drivers in Crete are often friendly and helpful. They’ll go out of their way to make sure your experience riding with them is as smooth as ever. If your taxi driver shows the following traits, tipping them should be considered:

When he shows good knowledge of the area

A good cab driver will be well-versed in the area in which he operates. If you give him a street address, he shouldn't need to ask for directions. If he does inquire, he should only do it once. If you ask the driver for recommendations for places to see in Crete, he should be able to recommend a few popular things without any difficulty. He should also be informed of alternative routes in the event of a traffic congestion or an accident that causes the road to be blocked.

When he respects the speed limits

Cab drivers have no control over traffic, but they can choose the most efficient route and take steps to save travel time. If your cab driver takes an unnecessary route, feel free to tip low. If your driver beats the clock or avoids an accident or traffic jam, reward him with a few extra cash. When a cab driver cuts down on your time in the cab, he also cuts down on your total fare. When you tip, make up the difference.

His attitude is well

Every day, cab drivers interact with dozens of strangers, and many have become accustomed to the situation. If your cab driver is kind, helpful, and willing to converse, give him a higher tip. Don't tip more than 15% or 20% if he's on his phone the entire trip, is verbally abrasive to other drivers, drives recklessly, or cuts you off when you ask questions. If you believe the driver's behavior or driving warrants it, don't be afraid to get out before your destination and refuse to pay the fare or tip.

Being a little extra with luggage

If your cab driver doesn't offer to help with luggage, don't feel forced to tip. Make the most of your driver's local knowledge by asking him to point out spots of interest along your journey. If your driver is too busy driving to play tour guide, don't reprimand him. If he gives you insider information, such as where to go for super-cheap beverages or when to view a popular attraction, tip even more.

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