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Book your Taxi in Chersonissos now Chersonissos (Hersonissos) was one of the first tourist destinations in Crete, among the first ones that were discovered by foreigners. Chersonissos is a lively village, full of restaurants, bars and pubs that are open all night long. Besides busy night life, there are a number of other activities to keep tourists entertained. Just outside of the village on the east, there is the Star Beach Water Park with a wide selection of all water sports as well as popular bungie jumping. If you are thinking how to make the most from your stay in the Chersonissos, don't hesitate to contact us. Our luxurious and comfortable taxi in Chersonissos will enable you to enjoy it all, easily and in style. There is no better way to go around and enjoy sightseeing and fun activities than in an air-conditioned, high-class vehicle.

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Chersonissos was a fishing port in Hellenistic-Roman times. These days there are signs of ancient times everywhere around, such as the remains of Basilica from the 5th century.

Bus & Taxi Services in Chersonissos with CreteCab Our convenient, comfortable and luxurious transfers in Chersonissos will introduce you to the lively history of the area. Don't miss the opportunity to discover all the secrets of the region while at the same time enjoying the natural beauties.

As a specialty of our tours in Chersonissos, we like to mention the possibility to visit a beautiful historic site with a well preserved mosaic floor from the 5th century. At the same time, on the town square, there are the remains of Roman fountains with mosaics, dating from the 3rd century. We like to say that a visit to Chersonissos is a visit to a museum in open-air; there is also traditional folk architecture Lychnostatis.

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