Cheap Transfers to Almyrida, Kokkino Chorio and Vamos

Cheap Taxi & Transfer to Almyrida, Vamos & Kokkino Chorio

Reserve a Cheap Taxi to Almyrida Almyrida, Kokkino Chorio and Vamos are located in the Apokoronas area, which is on the east side of Chania city. The Apokonoras region is one of the most popular Crete areas among tourists, primarily for its natural beauties: beautiful seaside; long, sandy beaches; and small, picturesque villages "planted" around.

Our reliable taxi service in Almyrida (covering also Kokkino Chorio, Vamos and whole Apokoronas Area) will enable you to get to know all of these natural beauties according to your own schedule and plans. Get inside a luxurious and comfortable vehicle of your choice, lay back and enjoy yourself!

Routes Map from Almyrida - Vamos - Kokkino Chorio

Our transfers in Kokkino Chorio & Vamos will provide you with everything you expect from a professional taxi service: comfort, luxury, reliability and swift, professional service. Our drivers are professionals with years of service and certificates to prove their expertise. They fluently speak several world languages, so communication will always be on the desired level. Address us with confidence to work out the details of your transfer needs in the area. The Apokoronas area is one of the most beautiful lush and green areas on the island. Almyrida, Kokkino Chorio and Vamos are villages that offer all the facilities you as a visitor or tourist will need during your stay. Along with this, there are a number of archeological sites in the area (as is the case everywhere on Crete basically!). Vamos is actually the center of the area with restaurants, hotels, cafes and a health center. Almirida is located approximately 25 km west of Chania. Almirida lies in a shallow bay area; its beach is sandy with long, shallow waters that are perfect for families with small children.

Cheap transfer to Apokoronas: Vamos, Plaka, Kokkino Chorio The possibilities for tours and an active vacation are excellent in the Almirida area, so a luxury taxi service is the perfect choice to enjoy yourself to the fullest. History lovers will surely enjoy a visit to the archaeology site near the Almirida where the remains were discovered in tombs belonging to the royal palace of Rythm from the 5th century BC, as well as the remains of settlements and burial sites of the ancient Phoenician colony. If you choose to take a luxury limo ride outside the Almirida, be sure to visit the village of Plaka, located on a hill above the bay. Plaka is picturesque village with rugged, natural beauty. It is also a way to the city of Chania as well as a beautiful view of the sea and Lefka Ori.

Contact us to organize your magical tour to enjoy these small, hidden Crete jewels. We are here for you 24/7.

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